Blog Keyword…9 SECRETS…Boost Your Traffic!

by Stephen Peters

You have a blog and are consistently adding a new blog every day, or at least once a week. That is great that is the first step toward getting….. traffic to your web site. However we need to think about, how potential readers will find your articles. That is what blog keyword-s are about.

Many people perform a Goggle search to to find information that they are interested in. Do what we get paid forGoogle refers to these searches as a keyword (or keyphrase). Having your site optimized for the best possible blog keywords can massively improve your success.

Fortunately there is a tool called Google Adwords that is free and is easy to use. It is very useful to see what phrases you are competing for.


  1. Find a Keyword  that has little competition.easy way to set up a blog Use Goggle adwords tool, to find some  ideas that fit into the content that you are sharing. Enter your ideas into the Phrase or word box and select Search. You will have a list of monthly searches and competition. Below that you have other ideas to look at. You want your competition to be low and the search volume to be high. You can even try some synonyms.
  2. Make sure to put your key words or phrase at least once in both your introduction and conclusion. This will let Google Know this is relevant content to the keywords. Make sure to put the keywords in your title. If you can get it in first or second word of the title, all the better, but make sure your writing flows.
  3. Make your Blog keyword pop. It is important to use Bold, Italics and quotes on you chosen words. Skip underliing  that makes it look like a link and can frustrate people.
  4. Enter the tags. They are usefull.
  5. Title any pictures you add with your key words. Remember Google has image searches too.
  6. Make sure words are not run together. When your separating a phrase or words use a hyphen (-)  and not an underscore (_). Google doesn’t separate words that are run together or underscored
  7. Don’t Stuff Your Article. Putting your key phrases over and over in your article will not win you any points. Let it be natural. You can get penalized by Google for that.
  8. Write your article with your keywords in mind. However don’t force keywords on an article.
  9. Keep your key words down to 6 or 7 or less. If you have to many they for sure will be irreverent to your content.

There are some ideas to build on. It is time to get your blog keywords noticed by the search engines. Now remember this doesn’t happen over night, but it will come. More traffic is what it is about.

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Stephen Peters




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