The Cash Cow Eaten by The dog

by Stephen Peters

Here is something that is both funny and sad. I know your thinking the cow part is sad and the dog part is funny. Well your kind of there, but the dog, didn’t eat a whole cow not even half of the cow. This is about The cash cow eaten by the dog.

We live out in the country, 7 miles east of Sandy, Oregon. Now you won’t believe how many friends here who’s name is Sandy. Sandy is the default name for any one who lives in the area. Even our mail delivery lady’s name is Sandy. Well Sandy (the mail lady, not the others) loves dogs. All the dogs in the area love Sandy. I wonder if it could be, because she gives dog biscuits to them along her route? Good guess!How to get more money You got it.

The dogs all wait for Sandy to show up, including ours. Our dog “Jasper” just about breaks down the door to see her when she comes, so he can get a treat from her.

Sandy talks to him like he is an old freind “Well hi Jasper! did you miss me while I was on vacation last week?” Then he waits for her to go down the hill to deliver the mail to the rest of the homes on the dead end road and come… back up the hill by our house. Jasper stands in the middle of our little road… to stop her while wildly wagging his tail and drooling, —he gets another treat. The ‘double dipper’ has it figured out!

Here comes the sad part, and the funny part. The other day we got a note in the mail from Sandy, no not my high school friend, (this is about Sandy the mail lady,… remember?). The note said;

“Carol, Hi!

Please Explain To Jasper

I’m Not Allowed

(Per My Postmaster)

To Give Any Dog Treats

So Sorry 🙁    Sandy”

Now I ask you how are we supposed to explain this to Jasper? Jasper is thinking ” oh no! the cash cow is gone.” Maybe we should try something like this “Listen up Jasper, the government says no more treats for dogs. You understand?….. No?…. ah… well you see Jasper it like…. well no….. it’s that Sandy still likes you but….ahh no treatsssss……ah well ahhhh…..Oh heck!… when Sandy comes we will give you a treat”. OK,….. NOW, Jasper understands that. Big happy dog face.

However when Sandy comes by with no treat he looks… very perplexed. But he is very happy to get a treat from our girls when they go to get the mail with Him.

This is the way it is when we start to trust our government or our employer to take care of us. Then they change the rules, or laws on what you are to receive. You may be left without any thing to fall back on. In Jasper’s case he had a family that loved him and made sure he had lots of treats!

You need to prepared and be that loving family behind your self to make sure the treats –or the cash cow that keeps the treats flowing, is there. That may mean ways other than counting on a regular job.  You need to be looking for a cash cow that doesn’t get eaten by the dogs.


To your success,cottage carpenter

Stephen Peters


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Your Blog is really coming in great also I love the tab on the right here—>
I just watched that training yesterday and I am doing my blog myself so it is taking me some time. I really like that. very clean looking

Thank you Stephen

Valerie Leuba



Thanks Valerie, is that day two?



You might enjoy clicking on the dog drawing in this post to see the art signature line in the lower right of the fur


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