How To Get More Money – Get Out of Your Own Way

by Stephen Peters

“Oh come on! How could I be in my own way. I just want to know how to get more money!”  -Many times we can look at competitors and think that they are hindering us from getting to our end dream. ” If only they wouldn’t….” or “if they would…” Let discover what the limiting factors are to your success so we can let your success blossom like the gorgeous flower you were meant to be. OK, so some of you would rather be a strong tree, you can go with that, probably fits better for some of you any way .  Let’s learn what it means to get out of your own way, and How to get more money.

How To Get More Money, tail chasers

When my dog was a puppy he just loved to case his tail. It was fun to get him started for the entertainment. Think about that fun dog what is keeping him fromHow to get more money getting his tail? Is it some some sinister looking evil beast? The dog next door? What about his competitors? Competitors? That must be the cat. 🙂 Then we hear someone say you need to “get out of your own way”. Now I don’t think the dog should get out of his way. I’m having to much fun watching! And that would be impossible for him. How ever when we are chasing our own tail we can get out of the way. Because what is limiting us is in our own head.

How To Get More Money, activities

Have you ever caught your self, thinking oh this isn’t good enough. I have. I’ve got to keep re-tweaking this…hum… still… not… right? There you  go around in circles round and around, shall we go around again? We are chasing our tail. You need to get out of your own way. Your chasing the “tail” of the perfectionist. I should know I am one of the best perfectionist tail chasers around. Instead of being side tracked with our tail we need to focus on our goal of how to get more money. time to do the activities like writing articles to get more traffic to our web site.

How To Get More Money, promote

Another circle maker, is the tail of over learning. Learning is great. Lets learn more and more. Learn and apply. Learn and teach. Learn and promote. Learn and do. We don’t want to say I’ve learned so much I don’t know what to do. Make sure the learning counts and you use the learning, that way it isn’t a”tail” to be chased.

The next tail is the tail of “what will people think!?” I have been caught in this one at times and it can keep you from moving forward. you will get dizzy with this one so let go of it. Get out of your way. Who cares what every one will think. If your doing the things that God wants for you. The things that will get you to your goals. Who cares? For us in business that is “how to get more money”. Stick with the plan.

I’m sure you have thought of a few other tails that get in you way. If you have I would love to hear about them. Lets learn how to get more money and get out of your own way.

cottage carpenterTo your success,

Stephen Peters


p.s. Leave a comment on what has worked for you.

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Donna Merrill

Hi Stephen. I love the analogy of your dog. We do chase our tails sometimes don’t we? I like the way you stated learn and apply. We all get caught up in the learning process, but there is one thing I learned is that when I learn something, I put a note on my computer, then go back and can use it as a blog.
Great Idea!
Most importantly is when you say to get out of your own way. So many have procrastinated because they do over think themselves.
Thanks for all the tips!


Stephen Peters

Hi Donna,
Wow! …….so glad to have you here. That is a great idea to put a note of “things learned” on your computer. That is a good reminder for me to keep records of what I have learned. I can just see a bunch of post-it notes lol….. all over my monitor. Thank you for your comment. -Stephen



Good report. Something we have to analyze our game plan, and tweak it to get faster to our destination.


Stephen Peters

Thanks Jacob,
We are all working on our drive to or destination. Looking for the best rout to get there. Good to hear from you. Look forward to see more of you. My Best, -Stephen


Morris RSSFeed2RSSMoneyMagnet

Great point. Once we understand how we are in our own way, then things can happen. But done’ expect it over night.



Hi Stephen Peters!

Yes, it is very true “what will people think” indeed! Most people think that and they get stuck on moving forward! I think this is one of the reasons why lot’s of people do not get what they want!

Anyway, very informative post you shared!

Keep it up!

Happy blogging!


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