Do What we get paid for

by Stephen Peters

Ever have one of those days, when it seems everything is screaming at you!  Except for what we get paid for. You start to check email, you see there is that package that you haven’t opened, you open it then look at the packing list. I wonder how much they charged me for this. Oh yea the dog needs to go out. OK here you go little guy! There’s the garden it needs watering. Who left theses shovels out. Oh yea. “Now what was I doing” you say. Well maybe it isn’t that bad or maybe??……..nah!!!…………

Do what we get paid for, jumping from one thing to another

Do what we get paid for

Do what we get paid for

Some times it is easy to jump from one thing to another. Without completing one task before being distracted by another project.

Then there is the  myth of multitasking. Like listening to a training and thinking “ya ya I know this stuff, I’ll just read this till we get to the good part. Suddenly your wrapped up into your reading…..”what is this training about?” Do we get paid for ….Time to say knock it off buzzo,   Focus!    Focus!   Focus!   We need to do what we get paid for. Or what gets us traffic, to get us leads, to get paid. Make sense?

Do what we get paid for…focus

When we focus it takes us less time to get important things done. Like, Do What we get paid for.

Do what we get paid for – a story

This is a true story. There is a girl that we will call “Mary”. I don’t dare tell you her real name.  Mary loves to read! Now reading is good, we like kids to have a love for books. Well Mary likes to read so much that she is prone to read at night while she is brushing her teeth. …………..Well one night when she flossed her her teeth it took her 45 minutes…………hmmmmm…………… Then she needed to brush …………….that took another hour. Mary got to bed an hour and a half latter than she planned. Do you think that if she had left reading for another time, that she would have made it to bed when she planed? Definitely!

Losing time is one of the worst things that we can do. I can tend to be scatter brained, so I am preaching to myself here. ……………………So I want you to commit to focus on what will bring your dreams to reality. Do What we get paid for.

cottage carpenterTo your success,

Stephen Peters


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