Pane Rustica …and the EXCEPTIONAL

by Stephen Peters

Pane Rustica …and the EXCEPTIONAL

Every few weeks my wife or girls asks me “when are you going to make some more of your Pane Rustica?” Pane what?  and what does that have to do with any thing. Ok, ok we’ll get there. Blog keyword

Pane Rustica …and the EXCEPTIONAL recipe

A few years ago I came across a bread recipe on the “Fankhauser’s Cheese Page“. Sounds like a funny pace to find a bread recipe. However this one is exceptional. Every one who has tasted it asks “did you make this?” To which I feel like saying “Well dauh, I just told you I did!” 🙂  However I understand why they ask that question. It is an exceptional bread – Pane Rustica.

Now this bread has a very basic simple recipe: flour, water, salt and yeast. what make it so good is that it is left to proof or rise over night at least 12 to 18 hours at room temperature allowing the yeast to work in its more natural way that will enhance the flavor. This time takes from something ordinary and makes it extraordinary. Ordinary beads are pushed to rise quicker, at higher temperatures and much shorter time. (This sounds like a science lesson.)

Pane Rustica …and the EXCEPTIONAL YOU

Make money on FacebookAny way there are many different kinds of bread as there are many different kinds of people.  How is it a regular average person can be exceptional.

They need to dig deep and be willing to make the changes needed to enhance their life, to live to the potential that they have. Have you looked around and said I can be better than this? I have. And I am committed to make the changes I need to, to become exceptional.

That is not to say that we haven’t had a impact on others. But I would like to see more of my dreams come to reality. Where I can boost others. For me that means I need the money to free myself to do just that. I am digging  out of debt, (that will help those I owe). then I can focus on working with the people I love. Why not be exceptional, be a Pane rustica. 😉


cottage carpenterLets take it to

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