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Promoting Your Blog ……. No comment

by Stephen Peters

How can you get into promoting your blog with no comment? Well —a — you can’t…..very well. And that is the point. I am going to comment on quite a few comments about comments : ) in this article about comments and hopefully get a few comments about the comments that I commented about. Oh there I go again! ….darn’ ….. Let’s delve into it Promoting your blog tips for comments….made for you and from you.

The smart guy’s figure that about 1 out of 10 of us comment on blogs. That can be quite a few when you think about it. The more exchanges and relationships you build the more sharing of your blog will happen.That could help in how to get more money So here we go. I will cover two areas Increasing comments on your blog and Leaving comments on other blogs.

Promoting Your Blog …. Increasing Comments on your blog

There are always the obvious things like writing compelling content that people want to read. You could always miss spell sum words too get them English spell”n police out to to correct u but I think you expect a little more than that.

Make sure that people can find where to comment. This isn’t something to hide….. If you plan on “promoting your blog”. …. that’s for sure.

Promoting your blog1 Promoting Your Blog ....... No comment

Promoting your blog ..................... can they find it?

Another idea is to make a little controversy like…..parade how George Bush should be President for 4 more years… should always butter the bottom side of your toast……the toilet paper roll should always be mounted with the leading edge… get the idea. And here I thought we were having a discussion about promoting your blog! We are. So next.

Ask your readers to comment about your topic. Ask for their opinions, advice, what they prefer, their methods any tip they may have, or even questions they have. Put ideas out there to inspire interaction.

Promoting Your Blog…..Without Covers

You can always leave out a few things. Don’t cover every thing on the topic leave room for discussion. For some of us that is easy.

Reply to those that comment on your blog be conversational. That will encourage those that comment and let them know that you value them. We all need kudos. Try to make it personal…. like you really read their comment. Who knows they might start promoting your blog for you. : )

I have seen the CommentLuv Plugin around and thought it would be good to install on my site. it seems to be easy to use and give a link to your last post automatically. I like that. So I’m thinking others would to. Have any of you had it on your sites? What are your thoughts?

Some people have a widget installed in their side bar that promotes their “top commentor’s”. Seems like a nice idea. I would love to hear any pluses, negatives, tips…. what ever.

Commenting on other peoples blogs can encourage them to comment on yours. Spread the Love and it will return. I wonder if there are any good commenting tribes or groups that help each other with comments on each others blogs?

I am going to get into commenting on others blogs next in this series of Promoting Your Blog. Getting comments on your blog is a wonderful way to get to know your readers. At the same time it helps in being more authoritative in Googles eyes. And works “promoting your blog”.

Stephen Peters 1 Promoting Your Blog ....... No commentAll my Best,

Stephen Peters




p.s. Why not Tell me some experiences that you have had with comments, what you have done to get more comments promoting your blog!?

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