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You  have been searching around on this web site and got curious.  Who the heck is this Stephen Peters. Is he a real person or is he just made up. Hmmmm……I hope I’m not made up because I don’t know how to explain that to my Wife and daughters. What would there response be? “What do you mean you’re not real? After we have done all this stuff together?……….OK come on back to reality guys, that is just plain silly of course Stephen a real guy. Some say full of “way to much energy”. “Ya’ Know he’s to honest for his own good”. “Nice guys finish last.” “blah…blah blah”. I especially like the blah blah part I think I could really get in tune with that.

Stephen Peters

Stephen Peters’ Wife

So we know Stephen is married to a gorgeous wife and has two beautiful daughters that live with them in the foothills of the cascades. Lets get out of this third person stuff!___ Ok here I am, I’m back.

Growing up I was the little boy that was a day dreamer. If there was a window at school it was meant to be looked through to think of all the things to be done on the other side of the glass.

After all, the play grounds and green grassy fields weren’t just meant to looked at. They need to be explored and experienced. The breeze was meant to felt. There were smells to be smelled. Songs to be heard. You get the Idea. Math

creative cottage

Stephen’s girls

and English were awfully hard to focus on, when there were spankings to be earned. Trees to be climbed. Friends to be had, puddles to be splashed.

Now which side of the glass would you want to be on? I thought so. We really aren’t much different. I also would tell my little sister about the “play house” that I was going to build her. I said ” it is going to have a real sink with real running water” I would lay out my boards that I  had collected dreaming  of what I would build with them. All the while not having a clue how they would go together. Always the big dreamer.

After all the years not much has changed really I’ve had a little more experience. Like being trained to be a meat man in my dad’s Meat market. Watching it climb and fail, understanding what worked and what didn’t. Then I helped a friend get a construction business of the ground, helping with some of the marketing and learning the trade I wanted to do since a child remember the play house for my sister?

Still a dreamer I went into partnership and lead a Home building business. With many happy customers. How ever the stress of pleasing people was hard because I cared deeply about each of them. We built our own Big house in the city with the plan to sell it and move out into the country. Great plan, right? Well remember the recent real estate crash? You already see where I’m going, don’t you. We were right in the middle of it. We had our big house and the place in the country with a cabin on it, both at the same time.

Our debts piled up quickly. Nearly a million dollars while trying to sell the big house. We even wound up on food stamps! I never thought that I would be in that place. My dreams never took me to financial deviation but reality sure did. We even sold off our IRA’s. Talk about dipping into depression, it was tough getting my head back out of the depths. Dreams can go to hell and take you right along with them, suck in the muck of indecision, over analysis, fear of ………….. who know what, just afraid of it, what ever it is, but it is scary. Not a fun place to be, but there is some great learning to be had in the process of coming out of  the hole of self defeat.

Now I am working to quickly get rid of the debt we piled up. So far we have it cut in half. Not bad. But it needs to be gone. Lets move forward together and meat (oops “Meat man” slip, 🙂 Meet)  your goals, of a new future and learn how the creative cottage carpenter can solve some of your homes problem areas.


cottage carpenterBlessings,

Stephen Peters


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You really have a pretty nice family . Peace , Love & blessings



Thank you Abdessamad, what a kind comment!


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