DOLLAR ….. Forest fire -True Story

by Stephen Peters


A few miles from where I live there is a forest fire raging. We can see the smoke  billowing in the distance. The wind is blowing in our direction, making a haze of smoke that makes it difficult on

dollar fire

the eyes and nose. It is called the “Dollar Fire”.

All this smoke makes it difficult to sleep at night. My youngest daughter is asking “will this fire come here?

Dollar Fire … Thinking

This makes me think how it is with money dollars with this current recession we are having a “money dollar forest fire“. How quickly are we going to put it out!? Will it come here? What about my job?

What about those I love? It make it difficult to sleep at night. Our kids are needing comfort. Our spouse or significant other wants to know what will happen. Will we ever have financial freedom?

Dollar Fire … What are you doing?

What are you going to do? Let it happen? Or are we going to do something about it? We need to figure out a way so we don’t get burned.

You can choose to leave things the way they are or make a change even though it may be difficult and it seems hard to breathe, there is the confusion of smoke in my eyes.

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Dollar Fire … courage to change

Of course I know you are the kind of person who is going to make the changes needed to bring about financial freedom, even during difficult times. You have the courage to change. It is all about choices and moving forward. Why not take major action with me to throw off the tough times and do the things that that will bring financial and time freedom. Why not lock arms and do this thing together.

cottage carpenterTo Your success

Stephen Peters




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